Step 5 - The 3 Day Develop, Stretch and Prosper Challenge

I want to start this final step with a definition.

Momentum – “the impetus gained by a moving object.”

Momentum is a powerful force in nature. The definition doesn’t state whether that moving object is going forwards or back, for good or bad.  The object can be anything that is affected by anything else.  Momentum can carry you towards your goal or move you further from it.

But here’s the essential principle:

By committing to doing something for 3 consecutive days, you have the beginnings of a powerful “momentum” force working in your favour!

Your job now is to select one very small habit that you can implement immediately and stick with for the next 3 days.

A great example is dental floss. If you are not in the habit of flossing every single day, start now and continue for the next 3 days.  No more, no less.

As you do this, contemplate the concept of momentum and how you are now creating the power within yourself to move to the completion of that very small habit.  But you must complete the task, as you know you will, for three days.

Observe how your perceptions change during these 3 days. You are deliberately going through a change in behavior based on a habit you have chosen to create.  How does it feel?  Did your feelings change in the process?  Was it hard or easy?  Were there difficulties you had to overcome?

Using your well-used notebook or the purpose-built worksheet here, write down your thoughts and feelings about it and answer the question:  Could you do it again?

NOW, you are ready to begin implementing new habits that move you towards your major goals and objectives.

Your final step in this program is to use your notebook to prioritize all the changes you intend to make in your life.

Then, start with a single habit and put the momentum principle into play.

By “rinsing and repeating” you will develop the skills to implement the power to take you out of your comfort zone and into the area of achievement.  By stretching yourself towards the next phase of your journey your life will be prosperous, not in simply monetary terms but in the happiness you will find in attaining your goals.  Then, you will find that “everything is alright; it is the end”.

I hope you have enjoyed this short course  If you haven’t told me yet, please leave me your contact details below and I will keep you abreast of new material that will be of further interest to you.


Adrian Stead