Develop, Stretch, Prosper

I hope you have completed Parts 1 and 2 now and found them of value.

Now onto the third part, below.

Part 3 - Develop Your Power

In Robert Greene’s book “The 50th Law”, he talks about what happens when we face extreme deadlines… We all know the power of a deadline.

“We have all had moments of a harsh deadline where you face real pressure to deliver. What happens is our minds snap to attention. We find the necessary energy because we have to. We pay attention to the details that normally elude us because they might spell the difference between success and failure, life and death. We are surprised at how inventive we become. These moments show us mental power that is generally untapped. If only we could have this every day”.

Well, the good news is you can have this every day.  You have the ability to create situations where you face such a harsh “deadline”, where you must force yourself to utilize this resourceful side of yourself!

Your task in this step is one which may take you out of your comfort zone, which is where most power is developed. It may feel difficult to accomplish as first but use your inner power to overcome those fears and stretch yourself.

First, the easy bit, I want you to select one action that will dramatically move you forward towards one of your major goals from part 2.  Make it something you can achieve in 5 days or less.

Now, the hard part.  I want you to publicly commit to doing it by posting on Facebook or telling friends and family what you are planning to undertake and how long you are giving yourself to reach it. Make sure you have committed yourself to the task so that you are unable to back out.

Then go and do it.

Download and use the special template to help accomplish this.

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